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Student Work Wednesday

Things I Will Do…

Graduate college
Become a famous fashion designer/have my own brand
Buy a house
Buy a BMW Xg or a wagon Benz
Buy my mother a house
Get my son through college
Live in LA or ATL
Give back to my ‘hood
Be a role model to my city
Attend church every Sunday
Buy my father a house
Get my grandmother a huge tombstone
Move my little brothers from around here to attend better schools
Get married
Travel to every state
Travel to every country
Take cruises
Take my family to Disney World.

Student Work Wednesday

A Letter by Jose
My dear beloved forever,
I am writing this letter of profound love and affection to let you know how very happy and pleased I am in your newfound success. It has been a long time I have been able to feel the rapturous ecstasy of your goodness and kindness to my utmost fulfillment of joy and justice to your true believer in you. Though it has been awhile sin2000px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svgce I have been with you I want you to know your love of what you do in such a deep and life lasting way has given me hope. And all who love and care for your good calling in providences favor on you. Doubt and sadness no longer cover me like an impenetrable fog of darkness. So thank you. I wish you the best and most divine prospects in your, and all your loved one’s future, including me.
With undying love yours…
Go Cubs Go!

Student Work Wednesday

Lesson Learned by Stephen

I didn’t know the influence my thoughts had

I used to think
I would live my life the way I wanted
I used to think
I was the one that had to pass when it was time for me to pass

She passed somewhere between the yellow and the green
She passed because of these thoughts

Now, i know
Lesson learned