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Student Work Wednesday

Lesson Learned by Stephen

I didn’t know the influence my thoughts had

I used to think
I would live my life the way I wanted
I used to think
I was the one that had to pass when it was time for me to pass

She passed somewhere between the yellow and the green
She passed because of these thoughts

Now, i know
Lesson learned

Student Work Wednesday

Found Poem: Inmate Handbook By B.

The officer is always right
Inmates will not fight
Privileges are not rights
Nothing is allowed on the light

Order in the facility
It is your responsibility
Pictures will not depict nudity
Inmates will not exert authority
Ask permission to shower in the dormitory.

“Found poems take existing texts and refashion them, reorder them, and present them as poems. The literary equivalent of a collage, found poetry is often made from newspaper articles, street signs, graffiti, speeches, letters, or even other poems.

A pure found poem consists exclusively of outside texts: the words of the poem remain as they were found, with few additions or omissions. Decisions of form, such as where to break a line, are left to the poet.” –from poets.org

Student Work Wednesday

I Am by Jacob D.

I am a loyal and humble person
I wonder if I’ll ever win at this game called life
I hear the harsh, loud, clink sound that chills  my nerves multiple times a day
I see all kinds of races and nations come together in harmony following the way
I want to break this cycle of insanity sooner than later
I am a loyal and humble person

I pretend these walls of containment don’t bother me
I feel more sincere about becoming the solution rather than the problem for the first time in my life
I worry that if I don’t change now I never will and my evil deeds will outweigh the good
I cry when I think of the people I’ve lost and the older I get the more I can’t stand this shit
I am a loyal and humble person

I understand God is good and he is not one to wheel and deal
I say if everyone believed as me no matter what circumstance they face they’d be free
I dream about walking out the front door as if I had a key
I try to strengthen my faith everyday and be an example
I hope life gets better because I try and for the first time I can say I deserve it
I am a loyal and humble person.

Student Work Wednesday

To whom it may concern by Jason B.

Sobriety seems a possibility.
Time does not heal all wounds,
it mostly deepens them.

Time does open the mind.
My time was always about selfish pleasures.
Now those pleasures are like daggers.
Constant reminders of an evil past.

Memories of you hurt the most.
Knowing what was lost is a hard pill to swallow.
Reality hurts most when sober.

My whole world crumbled in an instant.
Things lost that I will never get back.
All I have are memories now.
And memories of you hurt the most…

Student Work Wednesday

What Would Be a Great Ability? by Smiley


Would you just use it to not be seen? Or would it be more of a mental thing? Would you use it to free yourself from a trap? Or would you use it to hide yourself from all of life’s crap? Would you use it to be the greatest robber? Or would you use it to help another? Would you use it to hide the way you look? To hide the beauty that someone else mistook?


Would you use it for all the knowledge to gain? Or would you use it to keep all the inferior people slain? Would you use it to achieve a greater career? To become a person that everybody would fear? Would you use it to better yourself? Or would you use it to help someone else? Would you use it to overcome the intellectual barrier that no one has surpassed? Or would you use it to just be someone that is remembered from the past?


Would you like to be the one that gains it in jail wearing shackles? Or would you gain it by overcoming some of your physical obstacles? Would you use it to become one of the greatest superheroes? Or you just want it, so when you’re seen, the expression is “eeeeeeh bro?!” Would you be able to help humanity with the weight that’s pushing us down? Or are you just going to be the person, that when it’s needed, it’s never around? Would you use it to push yourself to actually become? Or are you gonna be the person that people say “he just misused it he’s just dumb?!”


Would you use it to reach your limit, which some people say is the sky? Or you just need it to hide yourself in unreachable altitude so no one would see you cry? This is a very special ability, what’s your purpose for it, I need to know why. If I didn’t give you this ability would you just give up and not even try?

Without an ability, you would be just like me, but realize that there is a possibility. That’s what’s wrong with humanity, we don’t open up our eyes and see that the options are endless, there is an infinity.

So let me ask you one more time: What would be a great ability?

To help you reach all your dreams, to help you realize, you do have a future…that is something I foresee.